418 Iroquois Shore Road, Unit 108-110, Oakville ON

New here? Welcome!

We know meeting someone for the first time and going to a new church can seem intimidating. We want to help make your first experience at Generations church a great one!

What can I expect?
Everyone is welcome at Generations church! You’ll be greeted by a team of people who will help you find where to go. If you have questions, just approach anyone with a name tag and they would love to help you.

If you’re wondering about what to wear, wear whatever you’re comfortable in.
Generations services run from 10:30 to about 12:00pm. We generally sing a few songs, let the kids go out for their special program (which is fantastic) and then we hear a lesson on the Bible with a practical application. We then have refreshments and get a chance to talk.

Are kids welcome?
We want to get kid excited for church! GKids is the perfect place for kids ages 2-13. We have four classes based on age group so that your child can learn and have fun at an age appropriate level. Sign in is at 10:15am.

Locations & Service Times
320 Bronte Rd
Oakville, ON
L6L 6H9

We meet every Sunday at 10:30am